8 sided round kiosk quickset (#2)

Festival Services is your one stop shop for unique and functional Round Kiosks. Ideal for food & beverage service, retail or visual merchandising, information booths, ticketing or box office or sponsorship activations. Their application is only limited by imagination! Available in 6 sided or 8 sided versions with an extensive range of customisation and branding options.
This represents the maximum daily rate. Weekly rate caps apply, see table below.
labour & transport costs are in addition to the day rate
and will be tailored to meet your exact needs
labour & transport costs are in addition to the day rate and will be tailored to meet your exact needs
Week 1:Daily rate is capped after the first 4 days
Week 2:Daily rate is capped after the first 3 days
Week 3 onwards:Daily rate is capped after the first 2 days
  • Installed and ready for service within 20mins
  • Suited for indoor or outdoor installation
  • High service capacity in a small footprint
  • Structural design certification to Australian Standards
  • White roof skin
  • Solid pine counter
  • White façade
  • Ballasting Options:
    • Pegs – Yes (subject to ground conditions)
    • Weights – Yes (additional costs may apply)
  • Shape: Octagonal
  • Roof Width: 5,640mm (flat to flat)
  • Roof Width: 6,130mm (point to point)
  • Counter Width Ext: 4,210mm (flat to flat)
  • Counter Width Ext: 4,500mm (point to point)
  • Counter Width Ext: 7,000mm (point to point with counter extensions)
  • Counter Width Int: 3,380mm (flat to flat)
  • Counter Width Int: 3,660mm (point to point)
  • Height (Roof): 3,520mm
  • Height (w/ optional Flagpole): 5,570mm
  • Counter Height: 1,000mm
  • Counter Frontage: 13,600mm approx
  • Counter Frontage with Counter Extensions: 23,600mm approx
  • Counter capacity (people): 27 or 48 with counter extensions
Optional Features

No Additional Cost

  • Internal lighting
  • Flag pole – Roof Top
  • “i” Flag (for use at ‘Info’ Booths)
  • Service counter extensions
  • Structural design certification

Additional Cost

  • Custom feature/decorative lighting
  • Custom décor and styling
Customisation & Branding
  • Custom printed façade panels
  • Custom printed roof skin
  • Custom flag for center flag pole
Installation Considerations

Ground conditions

  • Ground must be firm and level
  • Can be installed on most surfaces
  • Requires ground anchors
    • Pegging is included
    • Weights can be quoted as an alternative if pegging is not permissible


  • Forklift and/or truck access may be required at installation site (subject to order quantity and permission to peg)
  • Vehicle access within close proximity to the installation site is required

Electrical supply

  • Provision of an electrical supply is not included
  • Generator hire can be quoted if electrical supply is not available onsite
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