commercial dishwasher unit

Fully self-contained commercial pass through dishwasher unit with pre rinse tap & in/out benches for dish racks. Capable of up to 20 wash & rinse cycles per hour (subject to electrical connections – see ‘Connections’ tab below)

This represents the maximum daily rate. Weekly rate caps apply, see table below.
labour & transport costs are in addition to the day rate
and will be tailored to meet your exact needs
labour & transport costs are in addition to the day rate and will be tailored to meet your exact needs
Week 1:Daily rate is capped after the first 4 days
Week 2:Daily rate is capped after the first 3 days
Week 3 onwards:Daily rate is capped after the first 2 days
  • Norris BT600 Commercial pass through dishwasher
  • 50L electric hot water system with 5-minute recovery cycle (subject to available electrical supply)
  • Twin basin with pre rinse tap (premium hot water)
  • Double hose tap under the bench
  • Includes 3 peg racks, 2 cutlery racks and 1 cup rack
  • Pipe shelf storage
  • Premium & tempered hot water outlets
  • Detergent & rinse aid included (flat daily rate & reasonable usage caps apply)
  • Choice of two connections for mains pressure water supply
  • Electric waste water lift pump
  • Choice of dry hire or full-service including transport, installation and commissioning


  • Wash basins: 2 @ 60L ea


  • Wash basins: 1 Pre rinse tap, 1 x pot filler tap
  • Under bench: 2 x Hose tap 3/4″

Hot Water

  • 50L Mains pressure electric boiler, 5min recovery cycle
  • Wash basin: Premium hot water

Dimensions: W 2,810mm x D 780mm x H 2,050mm

Bench Height: 975mm


  • Dry: 340kg
  • Wet: 460kg

Mains Water

  • DN25 (o/d) polyurethane pipe; or
  • DN20 (o/d) Sharkbite pushfit

Waste Water

  • 50mm PVC (gravity); or
  • Integrated sanitary lift pump (waste tanks available as optional extra)


  • Dishwasher: 3.6kW, 15A plug
  • Lift pump: 750W, 10A plug
  • Hot water: 3 x 3.6kW elements, 15A plug each

Subject to available electrical supply either one, two or all three elements can be connected. Recovery time quoted assumes all 3 elements are connected.

With all elements connected the dishwasher is capable of achieving the maximum 20 cycles per hour.

Installation considerations

Ground conditions

  • Ground must be firm and level
  • Path from vehicle to installation site must be firm and castor wheel friendly


  • Forklift and/or truck access may be required at installation site
  • Vehicle access within close proximity to the installation site is required

Electrical supply

  • Provision of an electrical supply is not included
  • Generator hire can be quoted if electrical supply is not available onsite

Water/waste connections

  • Provision of water supply and waste water connections are not included
  • Water and waste connections can be quoted if required
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