round bars

One stop shop for a festive and functional bar. Large enough for many access points and service options.

  • Almost 13 meters of counter length with only 6m overall diameter – the most efficient way to create counter space!
  • Standard façade panels are white
  • Optional chique timber façade panels are available
  • Usage only limited by your imagination
    • Information stand
    • VIP Bar
    • Ticketing/box office
    • Sponsorship and partner activations
  • Customisation and branding options available
    • Roof top signage
    • Panels under counter
    • Custom printed roof skins
    • Custom flags for center flag pole
  • Various lighting options available to complete a stunning and unique installation

Counter length: 12,900mm (circumference)

Diameter (Roof): min 5,500mm, max 6,000mm

Diameter (Counter): 4,100mm

Height (Tent): 3,200mm

Height (w/ optional Flagpole): 6,000mm

Counter height: 1,000mm

Shape: Octagonal

Installation considerations

Ground conditions

  • Ground must be firm and level
  • Can be installed on most surfaces
  • Requires ground anchors
    • Pegging is included
    • Weights can be quoted as an alternative if pegging is not permissible


  • Forklift and/or truck access may be required at installation site (subject to order quantity and permission to peg)
  • Vehicle access within close proximity to the installation site is required

Electrical supply

  • Provision of an electrical supply is not included
  • Generator hire can be quoted if electrical supply is not available onsite