festoon lighting

Festoons bring great ambiance to any event, but these festoons will also bring enough light to be the key source for your space.

  • These festoons are not just decorative, they will function as the key source of light in your space – finally you can turn off those ugly stadium lights!
  • Suited for indoor and limited outdoor installation
  • They can be installed onto suitable existing structures or as a freestanding array of festoons using a variety of installation methods

Length per run:  10m

Bulbs per run:  20

Bulb spacing: 500mm

Bulb type: LED 10W warm white, plastic diffuser

Daisy chain: max 70m/7 runs

Installation considerations

Minimum installation heights 

  • Pedestrian areas:  min 2.7m above reach of any person
  • Vehicular areas:  min 6m above ground

Ground conditions

  • Ground conditions must suit any machinery required to complete the installation


  • Forklift and/or truck access may be required at installation site (subject to order quantity and installation requirements)
  • Height access machinery or scaffolding may be required (subject to installation requirements)

Electrical supply

  • Provision of an electrical supply is not included
  • Generator hire can be quoted if electrical supply is not available onsite
Electrical specifications
  • Power:  240V 50Hz
  • Consumption:   200W / 0.9A per 10m run
  • Plug type:  10A
  • 1 x 20m 10A Extension lead is included
  • Provision of electrical supply is not included – generator hire can be quoted if electrical supply is not available onsite